Team Me

Say hello to Team Me.

These guys are from Norway, but you won’t find a hint of that icy climate in their music, which flows with such warmth and pure joy that you can’t imagine they’ve ever seen a cloudy day.

Try taking the exuberance of The Polyphonic Spree, combine it with the thoughtful instrumentation and tone of fellow northerners Sigur Ros, sprinkle in some fluttering Sufjan-esque woodwinds, and you might start to get an inkling of this band’s sound. Though, as always, the best description is found in the music itself (check out ‘Weathervanes and Chemicals’ below).

Their debut full-length, To The Treetops!, was released by Propellor on March 5th, and it’s been on near-constant spin for me ever since. It’s practically impossible not to get hooked by Team Me’s energy, and while they may toy with the line between eagerness and twee, they never cross into the realm of flippant or pointless. The music comes first – and the melodies, harmonies and rhythms that pour out of these young Norwegians is just plain wonderful.

Oh yeah, and they’re gonna be playing SXSW this coming week. And I’m going. And I am thrilled.

Weathervanes and Chemicals by Team Me

And here’s a video for ‘Show Me’, also from To The Treetops!

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