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Francisco The Man – In The Corners

156668_10151133355863040_2000575808_nI’ve really enjoyed everything Francisco The Man has put out since I found out about them with their release of Broken Arrows back in 2011. My only complaint is they don’t release new music fast enough! But when they do, you can tell why it takes so long: their songs are so well crafted it’s clear they are the result of a lot of practicing, perfecting and only then recording.

Their latest release, In The Corners 7″, out via Small Plates on February 9th, is no exception to the high caliber I’ve come to expect from Francisco. The guitars rattle and ring, the vocals howl wildly and the complex bass and drum work steam full speed ahead. It’s a beaming track, and just what I needed to help me wind down after a long week. Listen below:

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Francisco The Man

“We believe in the music we play. That’s why we do it.” So says Scotty Cantino, frontman for the SoCal up-and-comers Francisco the Man.

And having listened to them for the last couple of days, I believe in it too. Enough to purchase the 12″ vinyl of their EP, With Friends Like You, which they are selling for a mere three bucks at their Bandcamp!

Vibey to the core, this band layers heartfelt hooks over swarming soundscapes, mixing lo-fi pop riffs a la Smith Westerns with Delta Spirit styled Americana/soul.

So grab that 12″ while supplies last. And if you want to try before you buy, listen/download their most recent two-song EP for free below:

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